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Meet Our Founder

Sabina Agha is the President and Founder of CAFA Enterprises, LLC. Established in 2012, Mrs. Agha entered the local government and procurement field by supplying local county agencies and law enforcement. Using her medical education background she focused on the needs of first responders and the various manufacturers and products on the market.

By fostering relationships with government buyers, product distribution and competitive pricing a seamless trifecta of a business model was utilized. Acquiring certifications, continued education, and continuous learning of the ever-changing supply chain Mrs. Agha was able to navigate An intricate network of supply and demand projects.

Prior to entering the government procurement field Mrs. Agha worked in hospital administration. It is there she learned the departmental purchasing procedures and was able to utilize what she learned and insert it into a business plan.

Mrs. Agha resides in the Metro Atlanta area with her husband and children.

Solutions that matter, with experience to back it up.‚Äč

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